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"ESTA VirBox 1500"

Air purifier with UV-C filter

Healthy air can be so easy

The mobile air purifier VirBox® from ESTA fulfills all requirements for efficient room air filtration and guarantees 'disinfection at its finest'. The highly effective HEPA 14 filter frees the room air from viruses, bacteria and germs to 99.995%. The ESTA air purifier filters fungal spores, odors and pollen just as effectively from the air.

The VirBox ® 1500 guarantees a 6-fold air change per hour recommended by the RKI and cleans the air in rooms with a size of up to 100 m².

The air purifier is operated via a comfortable touch display.

The air purifier is suitable for connection to any standard household socket and can be used flexibly thanks to its mobile design.

The VirBox 1500 has an integrated CO2 sensor for measuring the air quality.

Rent from 229.00 € / day - as required

Do you only need the “VirBox” air purification for a single event or temporarily? Then our rental offer is just right for you: Fischer Event Systems rents out the “VirBox 1500” air purification system on a daily or weekly basis as required - from € 229.00 / day (plus VAT)

Need-based ventilation using a Co2 sensor:

The VirBox 1500 has an integrated CO2 sensor for measuring the air quality in indoor areas. You can call up the measured values ​​at any time via the new touch display. The air purifier uses a traffic light system (red-yellow-green) to signal when it is time to ventilate. In this way you avoid inefficient ventilation, which increases your energy costs.

The VirBox is the perfect addition to our conference technology.


  • Max. Output up to 3,500 m³ / h

  • With highly effective HEPA H14 filter (separation efficiency: 99.995%)

  • Comfortable touch display for stepless regulation of the suction power

  • Energy-saving thanks to the latest EC technology

  • Low volume, from 23 dB (A)

  • Including timer

  • Mobile and flexible to use

  • Simple and elegant product design

  • UV-C technology to inactivate viruses

  • Protects customers, guests, visitors and staff

  • Reduces the risk of infection indoors

  • Increased sense of security

  • With CO2 sensor for measuring air quality



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