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Online, hybrid and digital events

Reach customers, employees and business partners virtually in times of "social distancing".

Digital Event, Hybrid Event, Online Event, Livestream Equipment Emsland

Events such as conferences, seminars, presentations or company events or events of any kind cannot be realized under the current conditions, or only to a limited extent

We ensure that you can hold your event as a hybrid or online event. Because we have the right Lifestream equipment for every type of online event.

Stay in touch with employees and customers.

We have the right solutions for online presentations, sales meetings, conferences and meetings.

Our services at a glance

-Specialist planning

-Coordination of different trades

-Technical planning

-Provision of the technology

-Provision of specialist staff

-Provision of servers and adaptation of the company CI

-Provision of internet connection if not available

-Custom made

-Execution of your event

Have you not found what you need in the overview? Ask us!

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